We are here to analyze the top cell phone signal boosters that are available in the market right now in 2021

Weboost Home 472120 

The weboost home signal booster is appropriate for a small home or an office building. if space is your constrain then this is a signal booster you want for the best price in the market. This signal booster is perfect if you are in a home or office that is 1500 square feet that needs coverage. The indoor antenna has a small packaging that lets you mount our place the base anywhere inside the home without having to do a hard mount I like some of the other Signal Boosters require you to do.  

  • This Weboost signal booster is known for its fast installation and immediate functioning.
  •  The installation is such a breeze that all you need is to install and plugin the power supply and you’re ready to go.  
  • This signal booster is approved by the FCC and covers all carriers including Verizon AT&T T-Mobile and other local providers. 
  • This signal booster Has a 60 DB gain and a 12 DB gain antenna do broadcast your signal.
  • The signal booster has an uplink off 20 DB gain to reach the nearest cell phone tower. 

Surecall Fusion For Home

The surecall fusion for home is rated  as the best signal booster for a medium sized building such as at home or an office. This signal booster can strengthen any signal strong or weak in a given area. The surecall  signal booster can amplify even a very weak signal and make it a powerful signal to broadcast inside any building.  The unique feature of this signal booster is  how robust it is built for.  The coaxial cable is an LMR 400 which is one of the thickest cable you can use for Signal Boosters and that coax cable translate into Low Loss  in transmission. 


  • This signal booster has apt for scalability
  • The indoor antenna does not require to be mounted on a wall our ceiling.
  • The surecall fusion4home is compatible for all carriers including LTE cellular AWS and PCS.  meaning this system works with AT&T T-Mobile Verizon u.s. cellular and the rest of the local carriers.

Hiboost 10K Plus

This signal booster is for large areas such as office spaces warehouses and long-term care facilities hospitals and more.

You can achieve maximum coverage off 10,000 square ft  when you have 5 signal bars on the outside of the building. If you have less than 3 signal bars then you can expect the coverage to drop anywhere between 6000 and 7500 square ft.


  • This Hi boost signal booster has a metal housing that keeps this booster running cool and dissipate heat much more efficient 
  • This Hi boost signal booster has an LCD screen for fine-tuning your signal strength for a particular carrier.
  • The Hi boost signal booster has an automatic game controller picture as well.

Surecall fusion2go Max

  • This signal booster is ideal for drivers who spend most of their time on the highways and the byways.
  • This signal booster comes with a magnetic antenna that allows you to install the external antenna on the roof of the car and the roof accesses the base for that antenna to mount outside.
  • This vehicle signal booster Sports a technology that increases the signal two times the 2xp technology 
  • This signal booster is compatible with 5G phones makes it much more versatile to be anywhere in the country 
  • The signal booster improves signal on both voice and data on 4G, 5G any LTE technology 
  • Destination is a snap all you got to do is plug in the power supply and attach the cables and Wallah  you have a ready to go system that can be transferred between vehicles with ease.