What does the new iphone 4g means to Signal and DATA bandwidth?

The not so much anticipated iPhone 4G was announced by the male version of technology Martha Stewart today. Steve Jobs particularly seemed in good spirits and that is a good news for investors. He was very upbeat about the new iphone 4G.

New features:
5 mega pixel camera with a LED flash to take pictures in low light situation. 5 Mega pixel is a good start.
Front side camera for video conference and his demo took a hit while doing a video conference and the WI-FI inside the room was overloaded that it interrupted his demo. He had to request other users to jump off the the network so he can finish his demo. This may be the cannery in the coal mine to harbinger the fact that the other side of the equation, i.e the network bandwidth side of things are not evolved to a point where we can have a meaningful video conferencing experience. The AT&T network announced that they will be taking the unlimited data plan off the table a move aimed at maximizing their revenue when this video conferencing culture infiltrates the main stream culture.

Netflix has entered into a contract with Apple to start streaming movies on the GO! called the?? you guessed it right! The iMovies , when that goes fully functional then we have a real problem with the video conferencing and iMovies competing for the band width. Being AT&T they see opportunity in every step of their way and they see a huge potential here. The iphone 4G is said to be one of Apples best upgrade since the release of the 1st generation iPhone. Apple is know to entice the tech geeks to spend $$ every 9-12 months. However this time around the consumer is not ready to spend crazy moola. Apple predicted this and priced nominally lower then its predecessors at $199 and $299 for 16 GB and 32 GB. The At&T network crumbles under data overload and its not even funny how bad it drops calls.