What is First Net ?

What is Firstnet?  a lot of questions are being asked right now as to what kind of emergency preparedness are institutions and companies in any public place has in place right now if there is a need for emergency calls. we live in an area where the landlines are pretty much dying and cell phones are primarily the only device that anyone uses to make or receive calls and this becomes a crucial device in the event of an emergency situation Firstnet is an idea that has been floated to fulfill this need of having cell phone coverage inside buildings it is now becoming a part of the fire code and Building Safety Code requirement .There are ongoing discussions that is being had on how to regulate this need for having public places in general be covered with cell phone signal the in Building Systems can be career specific or neutral host it remains to be figured out which path would be taken going forward.

Safe building Coalition is a nonprofit organization that is looking into making sure that everyone is able to make an emergency call or 911 call or texted from inside a building using a cell phone.This also includes the ability of cell phone devices to receive mass text messages made for me device even using push to talk technology that next total brought into a communication space. Of all the 911 calls that get made almost 70% of it is made to the police department and the rest 30% is made for EMS and Fire departments. There are two sides to this communication requirement one is an emergency call being made from a person requiring help and the other is the department that is helping is also using mobile device as a primary mode of communication. 

Firstnet is in its initial development stages where a lot of money like 6 billion is being allotted two words its development for the next 25 years and 40 billion is being allotted by AT&T 2 invest and deploy this Firstnet coalition that makes emergency calls viable from inside any building. The first net regulation requires a building owner to comply with being able to provide any frequency deemed operable by the authorities in that jurisdiction can be used to make or receive emergency calls so there is no limitation on what band with a particular building at a particular location needs to be covered under this coalition of Firstnet. The owner has  has the sole responsibility to bring in the signal that the fire department deems necessary at a particular building and the financial responsibility is boar by the owner of the building. Firstnet believes that AT&T should initiate responsibility and Define what frequencies should be available for a building owner to make this process smoother transition for the owner. I’m finally there needs to be an ongoing monitoring system that can keep an eye on how the system is performing in the building after it’s installed so this is the roadmap for Firstnet right now and the target is a 25-year. by which all buildings are up to code.