What is going on with the trade war and the 5G deployment of 2019?

5G networks are already in the deployment phase and although they were expected to be earlier, later then never. China is making moves to get ahead in the 5G race because the 5G will set the stage for the next leg in the prosperity in the economy. Economy is simply the result of human progress, it tends to go in cycles. War, famine, social stress anxiety turns us into a stronger psyche tests our limits of endurance in terms of emotional maturity and physical maturity. Sports plays an important role in this evolutionary process, why? Glad you asked, you see the emotional maturity is result of physical maturity. A marathoner, sprinter, Tour-de France rider, or any Olympian for that matter pushes the boundry of what we as humans can do physically. Those physical maturity came after the emotional maturity. That Olympian who broke the world record had to have broken the that barrier in his or her mind before physically doing it! That is the process of evolution and technological innovation has basis on such evolution and follows the same principle.

Not to digress, the 5G revolution will be coming at at critical point of our economic prosperity. The stock market has turned south and heading lower. However I believe we have one more period of growth and prosperity in our present cycle, likes of what we have had the past 10 years since 2008 to 2018. That next cycle of prosperity has to have something to propel and that something is 5G. The bottle neck in technology is two fold, the first one is the innovation that needs to happen at the source and the second is the speed with which that source can communicate with another entity could be a source or solider. Let me explain this concept, for instance autonomous cars are the next convenience we are expecting to happen in our life time. For that dream to come true two things need to happen. One the cars themselves need to get smarter in able to think better and act better when it comes to decision making on weather to speed up to avoid the collision or to slow down so it doesn’t get intercepted . This needs to happen faster like in milliseconds. That has to do with the processor and software advancements that has to happen as noted in our previous post we are at a level 2 on that front and have ways to go before reaching that complete autonomous goal of level 5 operation standards.

Now, on the 2nd front we should have technology that can enable us to communicate! Lets stick with the example above where the onboard computer in the car is calculating the math weather to speed up or slowdown. Now what can make that cars ability to make that decision is if the oncoming vehicles speed, perhaps force with which the impact will occur based on the vehicle #2 weight and speed. Well IF that information could be transmitted to the car #1 with a very fast network such as a 5g network then the car #1 has enough information to make the decision. We are currently at the limits of advancements at the source (the cars) and the 4G network is not enough speedy to deliver the information with the speed such a task would require. So the 5G deployment would be critical on who leads the next advancement higher in the short term. I think China recognizes that and wants to leapfrog and overtake the United states into becoming the next super power. Evidence from their actions and vigor they are showing to implement 5G. Artificial Intelligence is where the next war in technological advancements will be fought and both the Chinese and the American’s know it!