What to look for when buying a signal booster for trailers and campers

Obviously you love to travel and enjoy nature and that is why you got that camper. With all that time spent being on the road to get to some place that is going to make you get closer to the great outdoors can also make you loose contact with the business world that made this camping trip possible in the first place for some of you. In case of others , what good is that camping trip if you cant keep your 350 million followers on Facebook, why even do it?

Cell phone boosters for a traveling salesman, in this case a nature enthusiast requires a few main features:

a) Built rugged to handle the rough roads and sometime harsh elements such as wind and UV from the sunlight.

c) Unlike home signal boosters, a camper is moving and facing different directions that have to pick signal from multiple cell phone towers from multiple directions, the outdoor antenna needs to be a omni-directional antenna.

d) The amplifier unit needs to be able to withstand the increasing temperatures during the day and sometimes freezing conditions at night

e) The installation must not compromise the integrity of the campers exterior.

Surecall camper kit has considered all these factors and designed the RV camper kit to account for all the above mentioned criteria’s. A lot of RV customers have had very positive experience and you can read their reviews here