Where is the Smart Phone Technology Heading?

Well, the mobile phone revolutionized the subsequent stage of the internet boom and the smart phone technology is here to follow. We already see a wave of new features getting added in smart phones. From a 1 Megapixel camera to now up to 10 Megapixel in over a span of 5 years. Now, we have GPS in the recent Garmin GPS, the nuviphone. Now, on its way is a projector, a bar code reader, a heart rate monitor, automatic door lock, your car keys , you get the picture! The unification process has begun and its all gravitating towards the device that started out as a simple voice machine.

It hasn’t been a easy road for the mobile device to come this far, in spite of the limitations from the infrastructure problems, which to most part is still a bottle neck. But, the mobile device has gotten smart enough to call it a smart phone. Its amazing to realize that the computing power of a ordinary cell phone is 44 times better then the machine that was used to fly to initial Apollo mission in the 70ies. Like the Moor’s law anticipated the mobile technology has particularly had a tremendous run along with the semi-conductor technology. The evolution demands that the phone get a little bigger and more interface friendlier and the modern smart phones are just that.


With a wave of cellphone technology and the seem less integration we have witnessed in the recent past has truly made us believe that we can propel to the next generation with this device and still watch our favorite shows.