Why 5G is all the more reason for cell phone signal booster?

Cell phone reception on vehicles is a frustrating experience when you need it the most in crucial situations. Cell phone signal has a way of messing with your peace when you need it the most. This is so common that it should be one of Murphys’ Law . Thh non conductive material in the vehicle like the plastic, cloth, leather seats, vinyl etc affects the strength of the cell phone signal. However the most damage is done from the conductive materials such as the iron, steel, copper and aluminum that completely block the signal. Your car is essentially a Faraday’s cage in essence blocks any signal from leaving the vehicle or entering the vehicle. If “signal” wants to be hermit, it would buy a car!

Weather is one other factor that needs to be taken into consideration when seeking signal. Cell phone signal travels in air and the moisture content of the air can negatively affect the transmission strength. That is the reason your cell phone signal is week on a over cast day and can effect sending and receiving text messages. The best way to improve cell reception when on the go is to install a signal booster in your vehicle. With 5G in in the process of getting rolled out the signal strength is only going to weaken. One would thing with the next generation cell phone transmission technology the signal should be stronger right ?! Wrong, 5G is a technology that is aimed at connecting more smart devices to create an ecosystem of connected devices rather then faster or stronger signal strength. The main reason for that is the wave length that 5G operates is a shorter then that of the 4G transmission. A good analogy would be that of transmitting radio over AM vs FM . AM transmits over a longer distance due to big wavelength whereas the FM signal is strong but in a small range while maintaining a clear signal. Similarly the 5G is like the FM and the 4G is like the AM , they have different characteristics to accommodate different functionalities.