Why is Android iOS better then Apple iOS

The new ice cream sandwich iOS from Android has taken some thing that was better and made it into much more practical and they sure in sync with the users thought process. The turn around time on all the feed backs that the customers give back to fructify into a finished product is very fast. The following are list of things that you will find easy and appeal to you intuitively:
a) Firstly, the search bar is transparent and always present on top of then home screen that is a true universal search. The search is not only for the web, but also for all the documents, contacts like you could do with Evernote

b) The twitter, tumbler, Evernote, Facebook, Group on, all your favorite places you like to keep on top are readily integrated seamlessly.

c) A pretty cool looking data monitor program lets you keep tab on how much data usage you are using so you can avoid any surprises at the end of the billing cycle from your cell phone carrier.

d) The home screen lets you pool a list of your favorite contacts and create a folder that is readily available to you at the home screen, with out having to go into contact list every time you want to text or call

e) If you use Gmail for email, ICS being Google’s baby has taken good care on that front, allowing you to search the email and contact list from one location. One of the biggest shift in the paradigm with Android iOS Vs Apple iOS is that what took 3 steps for apple iOS to accomplish is reduce to 1 or 2 steps with the Ice Cream Sandwich OS

f) If you like texting, then you will love the iCS, with its improved spell check and suggestions to replace them makes it a breeze to text messages. If you dint know this early, now you can also attach picture files or any other file along with text messages.

g) The multi tasking has gotten much more faster with a sleek display of the task those are running in the right corner of the screen.

h) The new facial recognition system lets you unlock your phone with just your face in front of the phone.