Why Strong Cell Signal means Strong Data Signal !!

One popular question we get asked here a lot from our callers is, if the cell phone booster system works for data speed. The simple answer is, yes ! the data signal is what enables you to browse the internet on your cell phone. The better the cell phone signal, the better the data signal. The data signal depends on the cell signal, cause of its dependency on the cell phone band width to transfer data. Let us take this one more step further and explain in terms for signal bars.

In the picture above, you can see that 1 bar means -113 decibel and 5 bars mean -51 decibel. Now how does a booster system help you improve the signal is a simple math. One of our most popular home/office system is a 55 decibel system.

For instance, lets say you have 1 signal bar inside your home or office. According to the signal map above, it means that you have a -113 decibel of signal inside your building. Now, by installing a 55 decibel system , you can add 55 decibels to the existing signal and bring it up to -62 decibels . That according to the diagram above will put you at roughly between 4-5 bars of signal. Similarly a 65 decibel system will bring your bar to -48 decibels (-113 +65 = -48) meaning 5 bars.