Why the iPhone 4 singal would require a cell phone booster

The release of the iphone 4 created quite a buzz in creating an excitement as well as a sense of disappointment. Needless to say the iphone 4 looks beautiful and the potential the phone offers is very exciting. Video conferencing is finally here, at least theoretically. The reason I say that is cause the data band width required for video conferencing is not their at lest yet. Very soon after the release people we complaining about extreme dropped call occurrence. The initial response from Steve jobs himself was to school the users on how to hold their phone. The consumers were at error in holding the phone at all the wrong places the so called “death grip”. Apparently, to make the iphone 4 look even more pleasing the designers had engraved the antennas in the phone itself at three strategic points on the perimeter of the phone.

The initial response from Apple was not welcome from the consumers, and Apple soon realized that mistake. Then they came with the next best explanation, saying the algorithm used for the calculation was not revised for the new design. Basically saying that the just changed the shirt on the iphone 3G and gave the phone a new name called the iPhone 4 and churned out a set of new breed of phone’s and called it iPhone 4. This tells two things about Apple as a company:
a) How through they are when it comes to testing their new releases. As this was the case on the Mac OS release as well.
b) How bad they are when it comes to admitting a mistake

Basically the iPhone 4 is a pretty device and that is where it stops , just plain pretty. As long as At&T continues to be their only provider with their non reliable signal quality, the iphone will not meet the basic function of the phone which is making and receiving phone calls.
iphone 4 signal strength range
The Fix:
The iphone 4 needs a revised design or a case on top of the phone to prevent the user from blocking the antenna while holding and At&T does a better job of building their infrastructure to meet the needs of data intensive smart phone’s. Cell phone signal boosters can only provide better signal in places where the signal is week, however the phone device must be able to do the basic function as a phone in making and receiving calls.