Why the Push for Dual Band Signal Boosters?

The industry as a whole is moving away from single band signal boosters namely the 1900 Mhz and 850 Mhz signal boosters, mainly for a few notable reasons.

1) Signal Band signal Boosters are prone to error from both the consumer and the network provider. The consumer can mistake the frequency of their cell phone carrier to one that is not.

2) The major cell phone carriers are increasingly partitioning their frequency into supplying data and voice. The preferred medium of voice delivery is 850 Mhz and the data delivery is 1900 Mz . The major cell phone carriers definitely understand the inherent advantage to having a dual band cause of its versatility and depth of coverage when it comes to data and voice. The 850 Mhz tend to do better inside the home or office. They have a better signal penetration capabilities and hence can perform better inside the home or office. The 1900 Mhz frequency on the other hand handles data much better then the 850 Mhz and can do a good job when it comes to faster transfer rate required for data.
Here is a comparison of the different frequency performed by a user on Howard Forums below:
Comparison of 1900 Mhz , 850 Mhz AND 700 Mhz

3) One other reason to consider a dual band booster is the unpredictable nature of the cell phone companies. The cell phone companies continue to merge and spin off and for reasons beyond our control as a consumer we can not predict this and it is a safe move to get invested in the dual band cell phone signal boosters.