Wilson Sleek an In-Vehicle Cell Phone signal Booster for BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid…

Wilson is breaking grounds again after its popular iBooster, uBooster and Sleek version for iPhone 3Gs, Motorolla Droid, Blackberry. This 4 inch x 2 inch x 1 inch device is sleek and sturdy. It houses your phone and eliminate dropped calls while guiding you on your GPS in remote locations. For all this the price is rumored to be around or less then $130! Wilson, is known for quality and the price tag is relatively cheaper for what similar products costs.

Now, this could be used at home as well along with the add on adapter unit. Now, this is a great plus adding more usability to the device. The Wilson Sleek can not be carried on foot, however. With its rescent hits with the DB pro, iBooster and other line of products, this can be a great add on to the Wilson family of cell phone amplifier products.

The vehicle boosters are perfect in situations where your caught in a bad spot between two remote towers 50 miles apart and these cell phone signal boosters are specified to boost signal between two towers 100 miles apart and can do a good job keeping you connected on the phone or GPS to take you where you need to go. The only draw back is that this is for a single person use and if you want the ambient signal in the car to get boosted, please look in to other In-vehicle booster solutions.