WilsonPro 710i is Here For T-Mobile Network -460064

The new WilsonPro 710i is great for large buildings that operate on T-mobile or looking to boost signal for homes (some are that large) or office buildings that has poor signal for that specific carrier. The great news about this is that it can be used as an enhancer for already existing signal boosters. The Pro710i is the first ever 5G specific signal booster system that amplifies cell phone signal in the 600 MHz low frequency spectrum.

This Pro70i is the first ever commercial grade amplifier that has been introduced for commercial grade applications. Hospitals, offices, long term care facilities and significantly bigger buildings are no limit to this booster kit.


  • It can boost up-to 25 dBm in up link and 90 dB down link
  • It can boost indoor signal strength for 5G
  • All phone and any device that operates on the 5G frequency will be boosted
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices will have enhanced capabilities
  • T-Mobile is the largest Band 71 holder and in the future any other brands that utilize this frequency, those carriers can be included with the carriers permission
  • Over 1200 cities operate in this bandwidth at present