Surecall commercial signal booster systems that is about to be released this year. A brief overview.

Many of us believe that drop calls and spotty reception is only a problem in the remote areas.That is not the case in the recent studies that has been done in urban areas and City centers.

 with work-from-home becoming the norm 35% of people who are interviewed weather they would like to go back to work said they would prefer to work from home.

Companies like Google and Microsoft have already let their employees know that even after covid and life getting normalized these employees can work from home since they’ve gotten used to it for the past year-and-a-half

 The work from home crowd recognizes flexibility that work from home option gives and the time that is saved in traveling to work or getting ready to go to work. So if work from home is going to be the new normal then a reliable cell phone signal at home has to be part of that solution.

The problem is getting good cell phone reception inside homes as the same problem that keep cell phone signals from getting inside buildings anywhere.

Urban Setting and Cell Phone Signal

 Especially when that building is not near a cell phone tower that problem gets exasperated more then it should.  the way around solving this problem is what the cell phone signal boosters have done all along is by capturing the signal words the strongest and then transmitting that signal into the building by a cable bypassing the buildings structures and light missive glasses and other metal Intruders that keep cell phone signals from reaching inside your living space.

The sure call systems are the best in the class when it comes to broadcasting signal throughout the building without having too much feedback problems.

 What is a feedback problem?

 a feedback problem is a problem or Isis when you have a source and a receiver too close to each other now,  what do I mean by a source and a receiver?


Your cell phone is a source and the antenna is a receiver now when you make a call if that signal is considered by the indoor antenna another cell phone tower then what you would run into is a feedback loop where the cell phone and the indoor antenna stopped communicating with each other without knowing that they are part of the same system.

 This is how we can confuse the cell phone signal and not get broadcasted to the cell phone tower. Surecall system recognizes this problem and have huh built in corrections that are programmed keep the feedback .