Your Mobile Phone Knows What You Want, When You Want

Mobile phones are becoming more and more integerated in every day life style as a way to connecting, finding and navigating the day to day tasks like finding friends and businesses while on the go. Loopt is introducing a new app for iPhone called the pulse now and later for other phones that will suggest you products and stores when you need them, exacly the point. They are testing the impulse of an impulsive buyer by showcasing them with produts and items while you happen to be close by to a particular store.

Loopt also diffrenciates in its way of doing business by having tie ups with phone companies to offer this service. It actively pulls in data from review services like Citysearch, Zagat and others to feed active data and suggestions based on their recommendation.

Having an active eye ont he user this application keeps track of your location and has a sense for what is that you like based on your previous experience with thsi application. The application comes up with recommendations tailored just for you on restaurents, bars, gyms, concert events and even buy tickets.