zBoost, making stride in the smartphones and better cell phone reception

It was announced by Wi-Ex, which is a leading provider of consumer and commercial cell phone signal boosters, that the fourth annual WIRED Business conference named as Disruptive by design will use zBoost signal boosters to give better signal reception to the 400 thought leaders present in the ceremony. They had the capability to provide the user to take full advantage of the data, voice and internet services on their tablets and smartphone, iPhones, iPads and other connecting devices.
Disruptive by design is a meeting held at the Museum of Jewish heritage where 400 executives and though leaders do groundbreaking discussions on the current disruptive business practices, ideas and innovations. The symposium was installed with zBoost by Spot On Networks.
The windows of building were lead tinted and building’s exterior construction made it a cellular dead zone. Before installing zBoost solution, everyone had to either open the window or go out f the door to make and receive phone calls. This was stated by William Howard, vice President of Project management for Spot On Networks.the zBoost only made it possible for the present people to stay connected with their business all the time.
For the symposium, Spot On Networks had to install the zBoost signal boosters at various locations of the building. The first floor including the floor auditorium and conference rooms, the second floor comprising of the lunchroom and the lobby area, and the third floor reception area, zBoost was installed everywhere.
Michael Cummiskey of Wi-Ex told us that smartphones and tablets are very important parts of the business as they help connecting to the office, but it can be a challenge in poor signal reception area. He told us that Spot On Netwroks made it possible for the attendants to enjoy the event, with being connected to their businesses all the time. zBoost made this difficult task possible.
National Communications’ client saved the Largest Trade Show with zBoost
A new case study “zBoost: Ringing in mCommerce” was announced by Wi-Ex which showcased the installation of national Communications at western North Carolina Agricultural Center’s Davis center. National Communications is a full service communications contractor dealing in design, project management, and installation of voice data and fiber optic cabling projects. National communications used zBoost technology to help WNC’s Davis center to keep its largest combined trade show.
WNC’s Davis center had almost NIL cell phone signal reception indoors. The coverage inside was so poor that there was a danger of losing its largest combined trade show, The Land of Sky Knife and Gun Show. The trade show exhibitions completely relies on their cell phones and smart phones to process credit cards and conduction business at shows was really difficult without strong signal reception in cell phones.
Michael Cummiskey of Wi-Ex told the media that mCommerce is expected to reach $200 billion by the end of 2012 as strong signal reception is the requirement of every business nowadays. National communications was successful in helping WNC provide a strong signal reception to their clients and help them conduct all required business transaction on the show floor and other related business activities too.
All business related transactions and other business related needs required strong cell phone signal reception and National Communications’ installed zBoost Commercial Solutions Davison Kits helped them achieve this goal.
Installation of zBoost saved largest combined trade show of WNC Agricultural center. According to Matt Buchanan, WNC Agricultural center manager, The Land of Sky Knife and Gun Show holds five sales per year in their newly renovated 45000 sq ft LEED certified Davis Expo Center. Promoters and vendors both praised the center’s zBoost signals reception devices after the event as the danger of losing the event was removed.
About Wi-Ex
Wi-Ex developed zBoost, which is the first consumer priced signal booster that boosts the signals and extends the cell zones for small office, home and other places depending on the range of the booster and the area of the place where it is installed. Wi-Ex is also a leading provider of consumer and commercial cell phone signal boosters in the market and is a very famous brand name too. It makes almost every type of signal booster and its devices have many names in the market too. Some people call them boosters, some call them amplifiers, and others have other specialized names for them. Wi-Ex have expanded their business of expanding cell zone coverage by making boosters not only for personal, but for corporate and large commercial applications too. Ranging from M2M applicatrions to large scale commercial complexes to the expanding number of teleworkers, zBoost has the capability to provide a better signal reception as a business centric solution for improving their indoor signal reception as well as improving their business methodologies too. It deals on all business on domestic as well as international level. The product line of zBoost is working with the most service providers or carriers in US and abroad and the brand names include AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone, Verizon and T-Mobile. It is an award winning gadget and has been awarded for helping today’s’ consumers stay connected through their connecting devices including iPhone, iPad, Android(DROID), Blackberry, and smartphone users with getting through dropped calls and slow data usage because of poor signal reception.
They were awarded a 2007 and 2010 Consumer Electronics Association Innovations Honoree and the award was given by Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and a 2011 EXCITE honoree. They were also a finalist of the 2007 and 2009 CTIA Emerging Technologies (E-Tech) Award. As a leader in its industry, zBoost has gained more awards, more popularity, more sales and more locations than all the competitors combined. As per the increasing and innovative demands of the society, Wi-Ex is working on developing new and innovative products to increase its support towards the wireless society by enhancing the wireless signals and boosting the weak signals.