zBoost Single Cell Phone Repeater For Vehicle (YX240)

zBoost® has released its latest single user cell phone signal booster for use in car and trucks. This device is a dual band signal booster with a adjustable arm holster suited for iphone, Android and Blackberry smart phones. The cradle has a built in charger to charge the phone while it boosts the signal.

Key Features

  • Sleek design, perfect for in-use in Vehicles and long distance travel
  • Magnetic antenna for easy portability between vehicles
  • Hands free operation with headphone or bluetooth
  • Auto shut-off features turns the booster off when the vehicle is not in use to prevent any car battery drain
  • Dual band booster system for use with all carriers, 2G, 3G, CDMA, GSM
  • Cell phone gets charged while in use
  • Plug and play, no set up necessary
  • Kit Includes

  • zBoost amplifier cradle
  • Magnetic antenna with 10 feet cable
  • 12 v DC cigarette power adapter and 3 feet cable or optional goose neck adapter for no extra charge at checkout
  • Installation manual
  • Product Specification