zBoost YX545 has replaced the zBoost YX510

One of our most popular line of cell phone booster the zBoost YX510 will not be available anymore. We are upgrading the YX510 to a more powerful YX545, a 60dB amplifier instead of the previous 55dB. The design of the YX545 is sleeker and lighter then the previous YX510 models.



As you can tell from the pictures above the antenna design has permitted the YX545 to have a much smaller, sleeker and lighter antenna without sacrificing the dB gain. This lighter antenna has two parts to it, one base and upper coil structure. The amplifier has been upgraded with new software upgrade. The amplifier is now more powerful to cover a larger area then before. The cabling has been converted into a RG59, a thinner version compared to its predecessor RG6 allowing for easier wiring during installation. The cable is 60ft compared to the 50ft from before without sacrificing any loss in the transmission. All in all the YX510 has gotten a overall makeover both internally and externally . Our internal testing has shown surprising results both in area coverage and signal penetration capabilities.


  • 2,500 Sq ft area coverage
  • 60dB Gain
  • Dual band, works for all cell phone carriers like At&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint PCS, US Cellular, Alltel, Metro PCS, ect. Except for Nextel
  • Complete kit that does not require any physical connection to the device, so you can experience a overall signal boost inside the building for multiple users.