zBoost YX545 to Repalce the zBoost YX510

Wi-Ex is one of the major cell phone booster manufacturing company in the United States. They are extremely popular among mid to medium sized home owners for two reasons. One, their flagship product zBoost 510 is a low cost solution that works very well in most locations and most carriers. Two, for their excellent customer service when it comes to installation or advice on extending the area of coverage. However the most popular zBoost 510 had one glitch and that was the coverage area. The zBoost 510 cell phone signal booster is specified to cover an area of 2,500 Sq ft in ideal conditions. The ideal condition meant that the signal at the input, meaning out side the building needs to be 4 or more bars. Under this condition the zBoost can boost the ambient cell phone signal to 2,500 sq ft. In most case the signal available at the source is 3 or less , which hampers its boosting capacity resulting in not achieving the expected 2,500 Sq ft coverage.
zBoost SOHO Cell Phone Signal Booster For Home
Wi-Ex noticed this drawback and hoping to rectify that on their newer upgrade of the zBoost YX510 with the zBoost SOHO YX545. This system is 5 dB gain more then its predecessor YX510 with 55dB gain. On a numeric scale the difference is not a marked difference , however on a logarithmic scale , which is what the amplifier capacity is measured is a considerable boost to the amplifier gain. The zBoost SOHO (small office, Home office) YX545 is designed to cover 2,500 Sq ft. Which we think is a reasonable claim, from our experience based on the YX510 performance.

Another change the zBoost YX545 will have from its predecessor is the cable length and thickness. The zBoost 510 used a 35 feet RG6 cable, whereas the YX545 uses a thinner RG59 cable that is 50 feet long . This makes the installation much more easier and flexible to reach around corners and hide the cable from sight.