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Reason for iBooster delay

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The much awaited iBooster is getting a boost in its design. Their have been some mixed response to its design being planted in the cradle and the inconvenience to talk through the shell . From our preliminary test , we were very impressed with its ability to boost the signal.... Read More

Top ten Reasons to Invest in the iBooster

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1.If your an iPhone user, you already deal with poor battery life, the iBooster charges the iPhone while 2.Boosting the Signal, Video demo 3.Improves Voice and Data Quality. 4.Out of the Box Install, very Simple to use. 5.Amplifies the signal direst from the cell tower for better performance. 6.Hands Free.... Read More

Why Do People Need Cell Phone Boosters?

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You might have heard about signal enhancers for many times. If it is still not very clear to you why these things are needed, then you may find this article interesting. Cell phone boosters or cell phone reception boosters are special devices that are designed in order to improve reception..... Read More