This is a kit for very weak signal conditions of 2 bars or less. The external antenna in this kit is a directional sensitive Yagi antenna and the internal antenna is an omni-directional ceiling mount dome antenna. The system provides a 65 dB gain in amplification that can cover an.... Read More

This is Surecalls onmidirectional antenna compatible with : 4G booster kits, CM700, CM2100, CM2500 RV boosters (CM2000-WL-45dB) Accelerator kit ( CMAK-4G) SOHO boosters series (CM2000-W In building series CM2020, Force 5 Cable compatibility: N-male on both ends Specification 698 - 270Mhz 3-4 dB gain 2g, 3g & 4G frequency compatible.... Read More

75 Ohm to 50 Ohm converter – 859955

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This is a N Female to F Female converter from 75 Ohm to 50 Ohm . comes handy when you are converting a 50 ohm cable to a 75 ohm or 75 ohm to a 50 ohm.

Lets you mount trucker antenna without making drill holes on RV or Truck Compatible with Wilson Cellular Trucker Antennas (301101) and (301133) 5 millimeter chrome-plated aluminum Hardware Included: 4 Bolts/Nuts Size: 7/16 Hex Head, 1/4-20 thread, 1 1/4 Length Mount will fit up to 11/16 diameter pipe

40 ft long LMR 400 low loss cable. N-Male / N-Male Connectors on both end

This can be used as an internal antenna to extend any of the zBoost dual band model. It can be add with: zBoost YX510 PCS or zBoost YX500 PCS or zBoost YX500 CEL

All Weather Yagi Antenna 304411

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Purpose: Weather Resistant, Dual band antenna compatible with carriers in US including T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint PCS, Alltel, Cricket, Metro PCS, US cellular, Tracfone , Not for Nextel Key Features Directional and high Gain for maximum signal Pipe mounting and easy installation Weather resistant Wide Bandwidth Technical Specification Part Number:.... Read More

This can be added to the YX510 model to give you extra coverage inside the house/workspace. This antenna is added when your omni-directional antenna is not adequate and recommended for large rooms when you need that extra coverage. The antenna comes with N/Female Connector but includes a N/Male to TNC/Male.... Read More

The 859902 surge protector is added if you feel that your amplifier system needs the extra protection from unexpected surge's like lightning and other fluctuations. Can Be added with any of the Wilson Kits, such as: 841263 841262 841269 841265 841266 80076 80076T 800175 80075 Note: Each external antenna requires.... Read More

If you want to split the signal and amplify reception on a separate floor or room, then add this additional signal splitter and 75 ohm antenna. Installation Procedure: 1) Install the external antenna , usually on top of the roof 2) Connect the amplifier base unit. 3) Split the amplified.... Read More